Public Works


The employees of the Public Works Department perform some of the most visible and important functions in the Town government, which includes: protecting the longevity of all Town facilities, our public water system, streets, roads, drainage as well as Town-owned vehicles and buildings.

The Street Division provides for the routine maintenance and control of all Town streets, alley and drainage structures and facilities, which includes patching, sweeping and dust control treatment. It is also responsible for erecting and maintaining the street signs, which warn motorists about potential hazards and help them get where they are going safely and quickly. The Street Division’s work may not sound exciting, but it facilitates the general public’s movements in a safe and orderly manner.

All developers of new subdivisions are required to pave streets in accordance with Town standards.

The Public Works Department is also responsible for maintaining all Town-owned buildings and equipment.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joseph Grant Public Works Director
Salvador Arcos Assistant Public Works Director
Mary Miranda Utility/Accounts Payable Clerk (928) 785-3348